Afropark is a parking facility management company that manages parking space for property owners. Founded by Simon Yiga and Gideon Mulovhedzi in response to the shortage of safe and affordable vehicle parking in the Johannesburg Central Business District (CBD). 


Crime and grime in the 1990s led to a deterioration of Johannesburg’s original business district which led to many businesses moving to the northern suburbs. Afropark worked with small-to-medium sized property owners and managers in order to help improve and regenerate Johannesburg’s CBD.


In our first building the parkade was previously crime ridden, earning low revenue, poorly managed, unkempt, with no access control equipment and rogue staff. Following Afropark’s operations, income has increased dramatically, there are now professional and friendly staff attending to customers, clean premises, CCTV camera equipment, access control equipment and crime incidents have dropped to near zero.

Afropark offers landlords professional management should they not have the means or resources to manage their parking facilities themselves. Afropark in turn offers motorists safe, clean and convenient  parking space on behalf of the landlord.

Management Team

Simon Yiga

Simon holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Cape Town. His background is in the telecommunications industry and has worked for 6 years in large projects as a consultant in both IT and Product Development and Marketing and a further 6 in parking management.


Simon has a natural flair for people and entrepreneurship – this, combined with an inquiring personality has made him able to work on the ground on several entrepreneurial ventures. He is passionate about business and urban life and sees entrepreneurial success as an achievement that will bode well, not just for Afropark’s success but for the success of South Africa.

Daniel Muwazi


Daniel holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda. His background is in the IT
Industry in which he worked for several years as an IT technician and then a server and network Administrator for an Internet Service Provider.

Daniel has an insatiable curiosity and continuous love for learning as well as great patience that
allows him to deal with people effectively and to listen to and understand their needs. His role is in general management, staff supervision and training.